Hattiloo Theatre School

The Hattiloo Theatre School offers playwrights, directors, and actors the opportunity to explore and expand their talents through workshops, practical exercises, and rehearsals. This school specializes in giving each participant a first-hand-experience of the collaborative process that is necessary to create great theatre. Each focus area lasts for 6-weeks.

  • PLAYWRIGHTING - Six playwrights will each write a 10-minute, two-character play.
  • DIRECTING - Six directors will each direct an original, 10-minute, two-character play.
  • ACTING - 12 actors will be divided into casts of two, to perform each of the original, 10-minute plays.

The schedule for the Theatre School during Season 12 is:

  • Playwrights - September 2 - 30, 2017 (Saturdays from 10a - 11a)
  • Directors - September 19 - Nov. 5, 2017
  • Actors - September 19 - Nov. 5, 2017

Hattiloo will produce the six plays from... Participants receive four comps that can be used at any of the culminating productions.


Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays: 7:30p
Saturday Matinees: 2p
Sunday Matinees 3p
No late seating. Plays run 4 - 5 weeks.

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