• 16 and up

  • $5 buck entry

  • $25 for the single slam winner | $250 for the grand slam winner

  • Six Slams.  Seven Weeks.  One Champion Each Week.  Six Winner Mono-Slam Finale

Welcome to Hattiloo Theatre's Mono-Slam! presented each Monday, 7p, at Hattiloo Theatre.

Performers from all backgrounds are invited to perform at Hattiloo Theatre in a monologue slam competition. There are two rounds for each slam. Each winner will earn a slot in the Grand-Slam. Winners can perform in the slams that take place in the weeks after their slam; but they will not be eligible for scoring or winning. 

After six weeks and six Mono-Slams, we will host a Grand Slam on the seventh week. The 6 winners will perform two monologues in a round robin. 

Mono-Slam is open to all performers. You can select your own or choose from the list below. Or it can be an original piece. Songs must be from published musicals. You don't have to memorize it; but you'll score higher if you do. Monologues should be no shorter than 2-minutes. No longer than 4.


Performers are given TWO - FOUR minutes to perform a monologue of their choice. Props and costumes are okay. After each performance, performers will receive notes/critique from each of the judges and awarded a score (see score sheet below). Once all the contestants have performed, the judges score sheets are tabulated to select the Three (3) finalists, who will move on to round two. 


During round two, the three finalists can perform the same monologue or a different one for a better shot to get a higher score. This round will be judged by the audience, with the scores being added to their first round total to create a final score. 


While Hattiloo respects the artistic freedom and creativity of all performers, we encourage all performers to follow the criteria below. If you are unclear about any of the rules or have questions concerning the content of your performance please contact us for clarification.
Acts will be allotted no more than FOUR (4) MINUTES to perform. Scores will be PENALIZED if time is exceeded.

  1. NO use of profanity
  2. NO hateful or discriminatory speech
  3. NO nudity or explicit sexuality
  4. NO alcohol, tobacco, or drug advertisements are to be shown on any clothing
  5. NO drug use
  6. NO pyrotechnics, open flames or any other dangerous additions
  7. Sound Technician and microphone(s) will be provided. YOU must provide your own CD music, taped music, instruments, props, keyboard, etc., if needed.EVERY performer MUST arrive at Hattiloo at least ONE (1) HOUR before curtain on the day of performance, for sign up.
  8. EVERY performer must sign a photo/video release before performing
  9. The decisions made by judges, audience or the show’s management in setting rules or evaluating a performance are final and not subject to complaint or alteration.
  10. Rules are subject to change at the sole discretion of Hattiloo Thetare.


Judging will be based on the following criteria (50 point maximum):

Voice/Projection (1-10): ________
Physicality/Movement (1-10): +________
Sensory/Activity (1-10): +________
Originality (1-10): +________
Personality (1-10): +________
Total: ________
*Deductions: –________
Overall Total: ________


Finalists will be awarded points based on the percentage of the audience votes they receive. These points will be added to the first round score to determine their overall score

Monologue List



Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays: 7:30p
Saturday Matinees: 2p
Sunday Matinees 3p
No late seating. Plays run 4 - 5 weeks.

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