Hattiloo Youth Theatre is committed to producing high quality, accessible, youth arts programs that nurture creativity, build self-esteem and encourage the development of valuable life skills that will serve our children far beyond the stage. As our youth share their talents, they grow to see the positive impact they can have on our community. And, that success is a great motivator!

Write On! Speak Out!

Sponsored by the Grizzlies Foundation, Write On! Speak Out! (WOSO) is a college preparatory program that trains students to use spoken word poetry to entertain, educate, express, and inspire.  Through applied workshops and engaged mentorship, students develop their creative writing, performance, presentation, and communication skills, which will further cultivate their talent, their belief in their own voice and help foster a desire to engage their community.


TechiLoo engages underserved youth from the Hollywood community in free, neighborhood-based workshops in the technical theatre arts – sewing costumes, prop making, and scenic painting – to develop artistic, practical, and team-building skills; to instill in them a sense of pride in self and community; and to plant seeds for a meaningful, long-lasting engagement in the arts. This program is sponsored by Give365.

Workshop 1: October 6, 2019

Workshop 2: November 17, 2019

Spring 2020 Fair

Workshop 3: March 28 – April 12, 2020

Video at Hattiloo

  • Video at Hattiloo, sponsored by the City of Memphis, Strategic Community Investment Fund  (SCIF), is a film-making program that trains students in writing, filming, and producing short films.  Through hands-on workshops, students develop skills for film making, while also engaging current community concerns.  Participants create short films based on themes from the Hattiloo 2019-2020 season and demonstrate how the theme of that show resonates with a/the Memphis community.
  • Ages 13-19

Hattiloo Showstoppers Program

Hattiloo Showstoppers Program Sponsored by the City of Memphis (HSP) is a six-week program that is a part of the City’s MPLOY program. HSP expands participants’ cultural boundaries, shows the successes that are had through teamwork, and develops skills that can be explored through post-graduate study or practice, and produces a show-stopping production. Serving approximately 60 youth ages 14 – 21 attained through the MPLOY lottery system, HSP culminates with a free public performance.